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There are multiple ways to support your homeopthic healing with me. 


Initial and Follow up Consultations
$100 / $60

Initial consultations are comprehensive 90-minute health assessments aimed at understanding your complete health story, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional aspects. We delve into your current symptoms, medical history, dietary habits, lifestyle factors, and family background. Many of my patients liken these detailed sessions to therapy, underscoring their importance in uncovering the root causes behind your symptoms, imbalances, and health conditions.

Upon booking your initial consultation, it's essential to schedule a follow-up session four-six weeks later. This allows us to monitor your progress and ensure you're on track to achieve your desired healing outcomes. 

Follow-up consultations serve as checkpoints to assess the changes and advancements you've experienced between appointments. These sessions are exclusively available to existing patients or those who have worked with me within the past 12 months. They play a crucial role in ensuring you attain tangible results and maintain momentum on your healing journey.

Initial consultations are priced at $100 for 90 minutes 

Follow up consultations are priced at $60 for 45 minutes

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Flourish Package

This may be suited to support you through:

  • Ongoing health issues

  • Postpartum Support

  • Homeopathic Detox Therapy


If you're dealing with persistent health issues, this program is designed to provide comprehensive support as you will require more than one consultation to address this.

We focus on providing relief from symptoms while addressing the root causes, ensuring lasting results and continuous progress.


This program offers you an initial consultation followed by 2 additional sessions, ideally 4-6 weeks apart, accompanied by your personalized homeopathic medicines throughout.

You'll receive a customised plan and homeopathic prescription aimed at rejuvenating your well-being.

Ideal for new patients or those who haven't consulted with me in the past year.  

Included are up to 4 personally tailored homeopathic medicines, dispatched directly to you (available for Australian residents only)

All this is available at the price of $245, which also covers your homeopathic medicines and postage costs.


Fertility Protocol Package


This program can support: 

  • Stimulation of ovulation

  • Hormonal balance

  • Improvement in cervical mucus quality

  • Support for sperm count and motility


Introducing our comprehensive four-month fertility program, designed to provide personalized support tailored to your needs.


This is an option for couples experiencing infertility, wanting to conceive naturally or looking for support prior to IVF treatment. Naomi will take the case and provides homeopathic remedies for both partners.


With 1:1 guidance, personalized nutritional advice, and homeopathic remedies aimed at enhancing fertility and overall health, this program encompasses all aspects of your fertility journey.

Included in the program is an in-depth initial fertility consultation (allow 120 minutes), followed by monthly follow-up sessions to monitor progress and provide continuous support. This program is priced at $490.

(includes all consultations, email support up to 12 remedies + postage)

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