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  • Can children and babies take Homeopathic medicine?
    Yes homeopathic medicines are effective and gentle for babies and children and are useful for specific conditions as well as overall health and wellbeing
  • Is Homeopathy a Placebo?
    Homeopathy has been used for plants, for children and for animals for many years to great effect. There are recently some very engaging and positive research studies on the use of homeopathic medicines in agriculture. This is very convincing that homeopathy is not placebo. A study conducted by Taylor M et al 2000 (2) compared the effects of Homeopathy against placebo in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, found that the homeopathic treatment arm experienced significant objective improvement in symptoms.
  • Is there any evidence for Homeopathy?
    Homeopathy is seen as quite controversial, and many people assume there is no evidence for homeopathy. This is untrue as there are many studies that have been conducted and have found that homeopathy is effective for certain conditions. Evidence for Homeopathy. Homeopathy Research Institute Australian Homeopathic Association British Homeopathic Association
  • Can you take homeopathic medicines with other medications, herbs and supplements?
    Yes it is safe to take homeopathic medicines alongside herbs, supplements and medications.
  • What are homeopathic remedies made of?
    Medicines are usually prepared from an animal, plant or mineral substance. They are prepared in registered labs according to the Homeopathic pharmocopeia. Our remedies are prepared in a liquid form preserved in a combination of brandy and distilled water.
  • Is homeopathy safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
    Yes many women use homeopathic medicines during pregnancy, and I would advise that this should happen under the guidance of a registered practitioner.
  • Why is the fertility protocol 4 months?
    In order to give the best chance to conceive, we generally find a 4 month protocol a suitable enough time to see changes in both male and female patients. Whilst couples have seen improvement and conceived sooner than 4 months into the protocol, this is the gold standard.
  • Can I do the fertility protocol whilst undertaking IVF?
    Yes. An individual approach with a registered practitioner is recommended to ensure the greatest success.
  • How successful is the protocol?
    Success varies couple to couple depending on their starting circumstances. The fertility protocol was originally developed by an Australian homeopath, Liz Lalor, in 1999. Since then Liz Lalor has helped 416 babies to be born out of 456 women who used her fertility protocol. The Liz Lalor Fertility Protocol has a success rate of 87%, nearly always within a 4-month period, with half of the women who fall pregnant do so within 2 months of the protocol. These statistics are validated by homeopaths all over the world using her method. The protocol I use in clinic is an enhancement on this method, developed by Melissa Kupsch who has seen significant results by making small changes to the process in order to garner incredible success particularly when it comes to more challenging circumstances.
  • At what stage of trying to conceive can I do the protocol?
    Whether you’ve been trying to conceive for a few months or a few years, trying to take a natural route, or require IVF to support this protocol can support bringing your body back into balance to optimise conception. Perhaps you’ve had miscarriages, you’re coming off the oral contraceptive pill after years of use and/or you’re wanting to prioritise preconception planning or you’re wanting to optimise your fertility before/during IVF
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