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Flourish Package

Our Flourish Package is designed to support from a foundational level, we know through Homeopathic treatment more than one consultation is required to make a true impact. 

If you are unsure if this program is right for you, book in a free 15min assessment call with Naomi

About the Flourish Package

If you're dealing with persistent health issues, this program is designed to provide comprehensive support as you will require more than one consultation to address this. We take an individualised approach, with two follow up appointments after the intiail consultation. These provide an opportunity to discuss your progress, and adjust the individualised plan if needed.

We focus on providing relief from symptoms while addressing the root causes, ensuring lasting results and continuous progress.

What's included?

  • Initial consultation - this an in depth session giving you the opportunity to provide as much detail as possible to help Naomi to understand more about you as a person and potential root causes that may be causing the issue. 

  • Two follow up consultations - 45 minute sessions space four-six weeks apart depending on the individual to check in and assess remedies if needed.

  • Ongoing email and text support - as you move through the healing response, ongoing support can be beneficial to adjust your plan in between appointments.

  • Four personalised Homeopathic Remedies - the key to your success is in the individualised remedies that best support you as a whole person. I find four remedies over the program is generally sufficient, however if we find more are required that will be discussed within the sessions.

  • Nutritional and lifestyle suggestions - Homeopathy is only one part of the healing process, I may recommend changes to your current nutrition and lifestyle or suggest other supporting tools to help along the way.

The program may be suitable for


Ongoing health issues - case dependent. As an ongoing student of homeopathy I may refer you on depending on your health concern. 


Postpartum Support


Seeking to detox Mold, heavy metals, Antiobiotics or other foreign substances


Hormonal Imbalance for an Individual - Please see Fertility protocol for couples.


Ongoing issues post viral exposure

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